Why You Should Host An Escape Game For Your Birthday Party

Why You Should Host An Escape Game For Your Birthday Party

Birthday parties are undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity for friends and family to gather around and have a jolly good time. However, we can all safely agree that planning an unforgettable birthday party is a challenge by itself. Yes, you can just purchase a cake and call it a day, but such an event is unlikely to remain in the heads of party-goers. At a time when people are constantly trying to stand out from the crowd, you should look towards setting up a memorable celebration that allows you to take centre stage. Of course, we are talking about none other than escape rooms.

If you really think about it, escape rooms are sure to elevate birthday parties for all age groups, from young children to adults. Since puzzles and clues can be tailored to suit varying difficulty levels, a well-designed escape game can keep all guests entertained and busy throughout the event, which is one of the tell-tale signs of a successful birthday party.

Here are the top reasons you should consider hosting your next birthday party in an escape room in Singapore.

1. Enhance bonding among participants

There are a myriad of game ideas to choose from for your birthday party, but more often than not, these games do not include all party goers nor motivate participants to work together as a team. In such cases, you may even run the risk of facing a situation where guests separate into cliques and only hang out with people they are comfortable with. If it comes down to such scenarios, what is the purpose of hosting a party?

This is why an escape game is widely popular around the world. Due to its design and objective, you will never encounter the issue of guests standing on the sidelines. Instead, they will be encouraged and even influenced to converge to solve puzzles and find an escape. This will ultimately strengthen friendships and bonds among each other.

2. Offer a rewarding experience

The thing about escape rooms is that it is impossible for one participant to feel left out and unneeded. It is unlikely that a single person has the time and capacity to figure out the escape game by themselves. As some of the obstacles and games are deliberately designed to stimulate participants’ minds and pressure them to put on their thinking caps, everyone needs to count on each other to come up with solutions and plans. Therefore, all participants would feel a sense of reward and accomplishment by the end of the game, boosting their spirits and camaraderie.

3. Highly customisable

Depending on the escape room provider you engage with, escape rooms can be customised to suit your intended theme and the overall ambience of your birthday party. For example, if you are planning to host your party in a museum, the escape game can be designed and conducted to incorporate the various artworks and artefacts in the museum. Doing so allows party-goers to feel completely immersed in the escape room experience, making them more engaged and thrilled about the event.

The Escape Artist is one of the few escape room providers in Singapore to offer fully customisable escape games. Through our Off-site Escape Game service, we can hold escape rooms at any indoor venue of your choice. All you have to do is plan out the logistics of your birthday party, while we handle the set-up of your escape game. Before your customised escape game is constructed, we will consult with you on your objectives, needs, and expectations.

4. Value for money

Let’s face it. Planning and carrying out a birthday party is not cheap. From hiring food and beverage caterers to renting the venue, many expenses are associated with hosting an event that can quickly result in you going over the budget. What’s more, some games can be costly to install. Escape rooms, on the other hand, are incredibly cost-effective. The only expense you will be paying is the cost of admission for each participant. There are no hidden charges or operating costs, so you can have peace of mind while enjoying your birthday party.


If you are looking to have an escape room birthday party, The Escape Artist has got you covered. Being the pioneer in introducing real-life escape rooms into Singapore, we have the appropriate experience and knowledge to bring your birthday party to life. For those wanting to host a virtual escape room in Singapore, we can attend to those requests as well. Simply call us at 69889467 or WhatsApp us at 86967416.