Here at The Escape Artist, we believe that only the best and most memorable team bonding activities will serve to keep a team close-knit, productive and happy in the increasingly hectic and stressful workplaces of Singapore. Are old school corporate team building activities for your colleagues or employees really applicable at this age? Once, twice, maybe, but in the long run, why don’t you be innovative and surprising once in a while? That is what we are for!

At The Escape Artist, our room escape scenarios are the perfect corporate team building activities, an experience your team will talk about for weeks to come. Each of our unique rooms are crafted such that the players have to enforce teamwork and proper coordination into their game play. Though this experience, players build team spirit and camaraderie like nothing else you’ll find in Singapore!

Not only that, we can also organise large scale room escape scenarios for bigger groups of a hundred or more. It can be hosted at a venue of your preference, one that allows that many people to roam and discuss freely. Unlike the usual room escape scenarios, a large scale setup pits many different groups against each other at the same time. These teams can also coordinate their efforts together to bring out the best results. It is massive and definitely very interesting! For more information, do head over to Events tab.

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