Virtual Escape Rooms: How To Make Them Work

Virtual Escape Rooms: How To Make Them Work
Whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced pro, unlock the ultimate online gaming experience with our top tips and tricks for virtual escape rooms. With these secrets in mind, dive into a world of adventure that’s guaranteed to be just as thrilling as any in-person room!

1. Communication is vital

Communication is the cornerstone of successful virtual escape room gameplay. To solve puzzles and reach your goal, team members must share their ideas with each other — no thought should be left unexplored! It might seem like a million conversations are happening at once in an online game but try to make sure you take advantage of everything by quickly re-engaging if something goes unheard. After all, excellent communication can lead to quicker victory within the virtual world and more cohesion amongst teammates outside of it – making these activities perfect for corporate team-building exercises.

2. Have your game guide start with a search of the room

Your Game Guide is a powerful asset in any virtual escape room adventure. Request that they immediately provide you with an overview of the entire space and every visible item when entering this unique world. Prompt them to take their time while examining each area, as uncovering relevant information and brain-teasing puzzles can lead to eventual success! Use your game master’s many resources – they are here for one purpose: helping you win!

3. Need a hint? Ask for help

When navigating the challenges of an escape room, don’t let yourself get stuck on just one problem. Taking a few extra moments to seek assistance can be invaluable and prevent frustration. Furthermore, with only so much time available before you’re out of luck, asking for guidance is certainly not out of place and could even help save precious minutes!

4. Be prepared – download Zoom before the game

Make sure you’re fully prepared for an unforgettable experience! Ensure to get the most out of your virtual escape room by downloading Zoom onto all devices thirty minutes before game time. Keep a lookout for an email with information about meeting ID and passcode access- this vital data needs distribution amongst team members, so everyone is ready at their designated start time.

5. Opt for a computer or laptop if you can

To maximise your virtual escape game experience, we recommend utilising a computer or laptop for the best possible results. With two screens available at once – Zoom and dashboard connections – you’ll be able to move quickly to beat that clock!

6. Make use of your 360-degree scans of the rooms

Uncover each room with a detailed and comprehensive 360-degree scan that a virtual escape room will provide you! Get the full view of surrounding clues before you solve puzzles, and never get stuck searching for critical items in unfamiliar rooms again. With a mapped-out layout right at your fingertips, all essential pieces to the game are easy to find.

7. Keep a pen and paper close by

Get your notepad and pen ready! As it’s vital to remember those clues, writing them down will help you remember what’s essential for discovering hidden details throughout the escape room. Also, please note ideas or items spotted in passing, so when it comes time to utilize these discoveries on your path outward, nothing is left forgotten.

8. Keep on top of things

Keeping your progress in order could be the difference between success and failure regarding virtual escape games. Take a moment to jot down any clues, items or codes encountered as you make your way through each challenge – this will ensure no part of the adventure goes unmarked! It’s important to remember that some locks depend on one another, so keep track of them all with pen-and-paper and game dashboards for maximum efficiency during gameplay.


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