Surprising Health Benefits Of Playing Escape Rooms

Surprising Health Benefits Of Playing Escape Rooms

At this point, we all know that escape rooms are one of the most popular and effective team building activities around the world. Whether it is for school or a corporate event, escape rooms are incredibly fun to play and can suit a wide range of ages, from young children to older adults. As there are typically many escape game themes to choose from, each experience promises a new and thrilling opportunity to put on your thinking caps and come together as a team to find an escape.

Their fun factor and effectiveness in ensuring team bonding are notable facts, but do you know that escape rooms also bring a number of health benefits to participants? Yes, you heard that right. It turns out that medical professionals are not exaggerating when they say that playing escape rooms can help to promote better health.

If you’d like to find out how escape rooms can make you a healthier person, continue reading.

1. Improve motor skills

There are motor skills, and then there are fine motor skills. While the former is what allows our body muscles to move around throughout the day, the latter is what describes our ability to perform more complex tasks through the coordination of our muscles, eyes, and hands, such as tying shoelaces, using a knife to cut food, and peeling fruits and vegetables, to name a few.

Since escape rooms require participants to solve tangible puzzles and may even sensory ones at times, this develops participants’ fine motor skills. This means that you will find that your multitasking skills will improve over time.

2. Expand memory capacity

Escape rooms can be notorious for delivering complicated puzzles that many participants get stressed over. Some of these puzzles, which include cracking codes and reading symbols, are no doubt entertaining, but there is no denying that participants have to channel their focus and energy into solving them. In such cases, this is actually a good thing as having a high degree of concentration helps to enhance the brain’s capability to retain information and memorise details for a longer period of time. As these skills are what we use in everyday lives, you can look forward to taking away more benefits along the way.

3. Uplift spirits

This should not come as too much of a surprise, considering that fun activities always boost energy levels and provide an escape (no pun intended) from stressful situations and struggles. If you ever find yourself going through an especially tough time, you can consider giving your mind a break by taking part in an escape game.

Escape rooms have been found to increase the production of dopamine, otherwise known as the “happy hormone”, in our brains. As the name suggests, it is the primary hormone that allows us to feel more relaxed, happy, and satisfied. In addition to that sense of accomplishment you would feel after completing an escape game, it makes sense that escape rooms are one of the most mood-boosting activities available.

4. A form of moderate exercise

Believe it or not, playing escape rooms allows you to sneak in a bit of fitness activity for the day. Of course, we are not talking about losing tens or hundreds of pounds, but escape rooms can potentially get your heart rate going. This is because some escape rooms require a bit of physical activity, say zipping around and ducking up and down, for you to find clues and piece together the evidence. At the end of the day, escape rooms are designed to be fully immersive, so expect to keep your heart rate elevated.


As you can see from this list, playing escape rooms can bring you closer to your teammates and is genuinely good for you. In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, everyone is in a constant rat race, and no one is stopping down to take a breather. Be the one odd out by stepping aside for a while to prioritise your mental health. If you are not interested in any traditional therapeutic activities, escape rooms may just be what you are looking for.

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