Escape Room Success: 5 Key Players To Have In Your Dream Team

Escape Room Success: 5 Key Players To Have In Your Dream Team

If you already have experience with escape rooms but have yet to nab that win and break out before the timer runs out, one of the reasons why you may be struggling is due to your team. By bringing the right players with you, you’ll have all your bases covered for whatever puzzles, mysteries, and challenges keeping you from securing a win and tasting sweet freedom. So, if you’re ready to go for another round and are determined to take home victory, gather your friends with the following qualities to assemble your escape room dream team!

1. The Delegator

Also known as the leader, this team member knows the strengths of other players and delegates them to the roles that best suit their capabilities. Despite taking a leading role, they can also act more quietly so that everyone on the team gets their moment to shine.

They will often have worked out the important tasks that need attention early on and proceed to manage the players until the game ends. Communication is key to breaking free from an escape room, so having a delegator in charge of everyone and ensuring they work to their strengths will get you a step closer to victory.

2. The Organiser

The organiser is responsible for arranging things that the team finds as well as its members. Whether it’s a clue found or a completed puzzle piece, you can rely on them to keep track of everything you find in the escape room, including the remaining time!

Keeping everyone aware of the ticking clock ensures everyone is as efficient as they can be, as well as ramps up the tension in the game, which is part of what makes escape rooms so exciting. They are the player you can trust to not lose anything and perfectly communicate to the team the current progress of ongoing problem-solving tasks.

3. The Finder

As their name implies, the finder has a knack for discovery and will sniff out every playable item, and hidden clue tucked in every nook and corner of the escape room. Since it’s best to collate all these important game items first so you can spend the remaining time figuring out how they fit together, having a dedicated finder lead the charge in gathering all the tools you need to succeed is incredibly useful.

Just make sure they temper their curiosity, don’t go off into wild goose chases, and insist that there’s a meaning behind every crack in the wall or drawer in the room.

4. The Outside-the-box Thinker

Sometimes, a different perspective is all it takes to overcome a rather puzzling escape room challenge. By having someone that excels in outside-the-box thinking, your team can more quickly find the right angle to solve the more uncommon mysteries you may encounter thanks to the higher lateral thinking, imagination, and awareness they bring to the table. They are unfettered by conventional logic and can think of more creative ways to solve problems so the team can have a better chance of escaping.

5. The Logician

In contrast to the previous type of player, the logician thrives in solving puzzles that rely on a sense of logic, provided you give them the clues they need to connect the dots. They can offer a multitude of possible solutions for the many problems you’ll encounter, whether it be riddles, anagrams, sequencing puzzles or others, by approaching them in a rational manner.


Having a good team is one of the keys to escape room success, but winning isn’t everything; the memories you create and the fun you share with your loved ones are often more important, especially in outdoor or indoor team building activities like escape rooms. That said, if you’re determined to take home a win at least once, try to fill your roster with as many of these quality players for your next game!

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