6 Clever Tips and Tricks To Be A Pro In Escape Rooms

6 Clever Tips and Tricks To Be A Pro In Escape Rooms

As escape rooms become increasingly popular and mainstream worldwide, people are devising more thrilling, creative, and challenging escape games for participants to truly push their limits. This means that you can no longer count on outdated skills and knowledge to successfully conquer the escape games of today and in the future, especially if you plan to become a professional.

As such, we at The Escape Artist have compiled a list of secret strategies that guarantee participants a win over escape rooms all the time. These tips and tricks can also benefit beginners interested in learning about the ins and outs of an escape game. By the end of this article, we will steer you in the right direction so that you can be better prepared for diving into the deep end.

1. Pay attention to what to unlock 

It is natural for participants to scour for clues immediately upon starting the game, but it can be the wrong way to go about it. This is because some escape rooms are purposefully designed to incorporate clues meant to be solved later in the game. Therefore, we recommend checking out the locks or any mechanisms first-hand to better determine the game’s intentions and what objects you should look for. For example, if the lock requires keys or a number combination to unlock, this indicates that you have to locate a key or retrieve a code, respectively.

2. Keep in mind the story

We often have seen participants ignore the story plot or believe that the theme does not play a vital role in the overall gameplay. This is a huge mistake right from the get-go and may result in participants losing out on critical details of the game. We like to take this opportunity to reiterate that almost all features of escape rooms are intentionally designed and implemented. Listening carefully to the storyline gives you a sense of the objectives, which may assist you later while deciphering puzzles.

What’s more, by paying attention to the story, you can get into the zone and be more immersed in the whole experience.

3. Do not leave any space unchecked 

As mentioned above, all aspects of an escape game are well thought out by the escape room provider. This includes any hidden spots in the room or space as well. If you manage to locate a tricky corner, perform a thorough search in those areas, as they can contain major clues placed by the game designer. For the most part, all the information and tools you need to escape are arranged inside the space.

While it is essential to examine all spaces, make a mental note that any rules should still be adhered to. For example, if there is a “Do Not Touch” sticker or the game guide tells you to avert your attention to somewhere else, they are helpful pieces of advice. Unfortunately, due to some participants not taking these instructions seriously, they end up wasting precious time concentrating on irrelevant things.

4. Do not neglect communication

Since escape games are a team-building activity, communication is everything. Only through effective communication can participants interact efficiently with each other and share their opinions and ideas to find a solution. By keeping quiet and navigating the escape room by yourself, everyone will be working at different paces, which can cause confusion and prevent the team from proceeding successfully. Regardless of whether you have found a clue, solved a puzzle, or simply have a theory on what is the next step to take, let your thoughts be known to the other participants.

5. Organisation is key

Like with many things in life, being organised helps you be more productive in completing any tasks on hand. Playing escape games is no exception. Considering that many clues and puzzles are scattered around the space, it can quickly get overwhelming for participants, which may result in them forgetting or accidentally leaving out clues. As such, to prevent such situations from occurring, it helps to keep track of all items or details and work in segments.

6. Just have fun

At the end of the day, escape rooms should be all about fun and excitement. If you ever find yourself getting stressed, frustrated, or irritated, take a step back and remind yourself that an escape game is not to be taken too seriously. Challenges are good in stimulating the minds, but getting into arguments with team members would take the fun out of the entire experience. Remember, if your team is stuck or unable to proceed, it does not hurt to ask for help or clues from the game guide.


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