4 Unique Yet Romantic Things To Do For Your Next Date

4 Unique Yet Romantic Things To Do For Your Next Date

It is no secret that Singapore is an expensive country to live and play in. Coupled with the fact that our land size is incredibly small (do you know that Singapore is the 20th smallest country in the world?) and there is a lack of nature and countryside areas, it is relatively common for couples to have a hard time finding a dating activity that will not break the bank.

Yes, having a picnic, visiting a romantic restaurant for a good meal, and taking a walk in the park are typical date ideas that can do no wrong, but they can get monotonous and unexciting after some time. You have come to the right place if you are currently in this position and looking to spice things up for your next date.

1. Attend a Flower Arrangement workshop

There is nothing more romantic and sweet than flowers. Whether you are gifting for Valentine’s Day or heading out for a special date night, flowers can instantly impress your significant other and set an intimate mood throughout the evening.

However, this time, you can put a spin on gifting flowers by signing both of you up for flower arrangement workshops, instead of simply purchasing from a florist. This is where you can look forward to getting to know the ins and outs of flower arranging, and the delicate art of preparing flower bouquets to make them look appealing.

As you will no doubt pour in much effort to craft up a flower bouquet that is original and beautiful to look at, we can guarantee that your significant other will cherish this gesture of going the extra mile.

2. Participate in Art Jamming workshops

We might be cheating here as art jamming is not too unique, seeing that it has been a popular activity for dates in the past few years. You have probably stumbled upon them in some cafes around Singapore as well, as they go great with some tea and biscuits. This, of course, makes them suitable for a date idea as couples can be in an intimate setting to dine on food and take part in an interesting and cognitively stimulating pastime at the same time.

Aside from providing an outlet to recharge our souls and tap into our creative sides, art jamming also encourages couples to open up and express their inner feelings. This is especially important for couples who feel increasingly distant from each other and would like to reconnect on a deeper level. As such, you will find that you will have more meaningful and productive conversations with your partner while participating in art jamming sessions.

3. Duel each other in a Laser Tag battle

For couples who are more adventurous and competitive in nature, laser tag is the date idea for you both. Compared to the above-mentioned activities, laser tag is undoubtedly a more hands-on and interactive alternative, allowing the participants to run around and battle each other in a highly energising environment.

In a laser tag game, you and your partner will be armed with infrared-emitting light guns that you use to capture your designated target, which in this case is your partner. Unlike paintball, which can cause serious hurt at times after being tagged, laser tag utilises infrared technology that just shines onto the skin. You will also be equipped with an infrared-sensitive signalling device that registers any hits you have gotten.

4. Playing Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are arguably the most unique dating activity as it is not something that immediately pops up in one’s head. However, this does not discard the fact that escape rooms are incredibly fun and motivates participants to constantly think on their feet to come up with solutions and solve challenging problems. What’s more, escape rooms also come with a multitude of health benefits.

Due to the nature of such games, many people may assume that escape rooms are only meant for close friends and family members, but this is absolutely not true. Escape rooms provide an unpretentious and stress-free way for both participants to get to know each other better as they can just be themselves and enjoy the time spent together.


Many locals have a shared belief that it is impossible to find one-of-a-kind dating activities in Singapore due to the lack of access to certain amenities. As shown above, this is not the case, as you can no doubt switch things up a little to boost your romance game. From something more lovey-dovey like flower arranging to more competition-fuelled activities like laser tag, there is something for everyone out there.

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