A Fan Of Escape Rooms? These Movies Are A Must-Watch

A Fan Of Escape Rooms? These Movies Are A Must-Watch

As you may already know, escape rooms can trace their roots back to video games (if not, you may find the story of the evolution of escape rooms mighty interesting). However, video games are not the only media that escape rooms have made their mark on. Movies have also utilised the concept of escape rooms for their plotlines. Come to think of it, this isn’t too unexpected as escape rooms are naturally of thrilling nature, allowing players to undergo an exhilarating experience. This explains why escape room-based movie ideas are popular among filmmakers looking to heighten the tension for their viewers, as such movies incorporate survival games and isolation horror elements.

Over the years, escape rooms have impacted pop culture around the world, mainly in Hollywood. Some of these movies have gone on to win awards or become cult favourites among fans. To find out what these movies are and plan your weekend night watchlist, continue reading.

1. ‘Cube’ (1997)

Let’s start this list with ‘Cube’ (1997). Directed by Vincenzo Natali, this Canadian science-fiction horror film enjoys the reputation of being the movie that brought the trend of escape rooms into the mainstream film industry. In fact, it’s safe to say that ‘Cube’ is what inspired other more established escape room movies that were published in later years. ‘Cube’ is a relatively straightforward movie. Right off the bat, the viewer is introduced to five strangers who are trapped in a technologically advanced cubical room. As the strangers have to navigate the various rooms in order to escape and avoid a gruesome death, they are to solve any puzzles and clues presented to them. Sounds familiar?

2. ‘Saw’ Franchise (2004 to 2017)

The ‘Saw’ franchise is arguably one of the most notable and easily recognisable horror films in the world today, in part due to Billy the Puppet. While the ‘Saw’ movies are not for everyone, especially for those who aren’t able to stomach violent scenes, they have been regarded as the most prominent film precursor to escape rooms. This label can be attributed to its very first scene (and one of the most memorable in the entire franchise) starring Adam Stanheight and Dr Lawrence Gordon, played by Leigh Whannell and Cary Elwes, respectively. The two men are held captive in a dilapidated bathroom, and throughout the course of the film, they find clues to discover the reason behind their capture.

3. ‘Escape Room’ (2019)

More critical filmgoers may find ‘Escape Room’ (2019)’s storyline somewhat repetitive, but this psychological horror film has its good points when it comes to the stellar acting by the cast and tense atmosphere that puts viewers on the edge of their seats. Directed by Adam Robitel, ‘Escape Room’ sees six strangers entering an escape room competition, with the goal of winning ten thousand dollars. However, of course, the competition is not what it seems, and the strangers are thrust into terrifying scenarios. If this sounds like something up your alley, you may want to give ‘Escape Room’ a watch.

4. ‘Fermat’s Room’ (2007)

‘Fermat’s Room’ (2007) is a Spanish thriller film that serves as our non-English entry in this list. For those who are numerophiles or enjoy putting on their thinking caps to solve number-based puzzles, ‘Fermat’s Room’ is sure to entice you and draw you further into the escape room trend. In this movie, you’ll follow the quest of four mathematicians who are tricked into being locked inside a secluded location. If they are unable to solve the puzzles, the walls would eventually close in on them, crushing them in the end. Due to the premise of the film, viewers may find it claustrophobic at times, which may mirror a similar experience as when playing escape rooms first-hand.

5. ‘Follow Me’ (2020)

You know what they say, some people do dangerous things just for fame. This is precisely what ‘Follow Me’ (2020)’s protagonist, Cole Turner, played by Keegan Allen, does as he goes on a search for the most unique and compelling experiences around the world in order to gain social media views. And as expected, his trip to Moscow to partake in a seemingly harmless escape room turns out to be a mistake. This movie is filled with many twists and turns, and while the ending is controversial, it comes as a surprise.


Escape rooms have come a long way since their inception as video games in the 1980s. From real-life and virtual escape rooms to now movies, escape rooms have become so popular that they are made into various forms of entertainment. As ‘Cube’ and ‘Saw’ were released before escape room attractions became a hit in the 2010s, these two movies have taken the lead for escape room-based movies that were released later on.

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